i’ll start every section with the link to the strava ride; for obvious reasons. also i’ll not post personal pictures of the rides here; for obvious reasons.

train to start + day one

on the first day we took a train to tostedt near hamburg and went on our first leg to blackede. we stopped in lueneburg to grab a coffee and i went to a random bike store to get a pair of padded shorts. that decision saved my ride, seriously. lueneburg was the last’bigger' city on our whole trip along the elberadweg and it was my last and only chance to buy a pair. we had a coffee at karacho kaffee and had a little chat with the owner before leaving for ‘the big tour’. i recall the tour a big gravely and in the lueneburger heide we went through some woods. sadly i only started riding a month earlier and did not have the appropriate bike for the job so the experience was… well… not the best. but in the end we had a stop at a supermarket a few hundred meters before our first destination, bought some food and a few beers and called it a day.

day two

day three

day four + train back home